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Sleep apnea can occur in any person of any age but is most common in men. It is also very common among men or women of middle age.

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Trying to get diagnosed with Sleep Apnea can be difficult when you have to rearrange your schedule and take a day out of your life to go to sleep disorder clinic, get set up in the sterile hospital like environment and conduct your normal sleep routine.

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Sleep apnea is a common, serious, potentially life-threatening sleep disorder that affects several million Americans. It is characterized by involuntary pauses in breathing or a reduction in airflow during sleep. Each episode, called an apnea or apneic event, lasts ten seconds or more and is often followed by snoring or gasping for air, though not everyone snores. Those with sleep apnea have little chance of sleeping well. Each of the five to more than twenty episodes of apnea per hour reduces blood oxygen levels enough to cause an arousal from sleep until breathing resumes normally. Repeated awakenings throughout the night make people with sleep apnea very tired during the day.

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